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How do I pay for my classes/confirm my schedule?

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ALL students must officially confirm they are going to attend classes through their myPellissippi self-service accounts and pay any outstanding fees in order to be enrolled for classes. Students who fail to confirm and pay by the fee payment deadlines will be dropped from classes.

You will be given a CONFIRMATION NUMBER when you successfully complete one of the following processes. You must confirm that you will attend classes even if your fees are paid in full by financial aid, loans, scholarship, third party sponsor or other credits. Your balance after financial aid is applied must be ZERO or a credit balance to confirm your registration.

Below are instructions for confirming attendance for:

  • students who are paying all fees themselves
  • students who have financial aid or whose fees are being paid by an outside agency
  • students whose parent/spouse/other is paying their fees


  1. After registering for classes, under the "Your Account" section, click on "Confirm Your Schedule/View Your Bill"
  2. Choose appropriate semester
  3. Review account detail
  4. Click on "Yes, I will attend" you will be directed to a secure site
  5. On the "Quick View" screen, choose one of these options at the top of the screen:
    • "Payments" which will lead you through paying the entire amount due.  When your account balance is zero, your schedule is confirmed.
    • "Payment Plans" and then "Sign Up for a New Payment Plan" which will lead you through setting up a deferred payment plan and paying the minimum amount due of 50% of your balance plus an additional $20 fee.  When you are successfully enrolled in the payment plan your schedule is confirmed.