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Do you have a payment plan and how do I set one up?

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  • We have a payment plan available during fall and spring, but not summer.
  • You can set up the payment plan through your myPellissippi. Once you log in, scroll down to “Student Self-Service” and select “Account Balance & Confirmation”. Select the term and select “Confirm Your Schedule/View Your Bill”. This will take you to the payment screen. You’ll have the option to pay in full or set up the payment plan.
  • Please print or write down the due dates for the 1st and 2nd installment payments to avoid late fees.  You will not receive a bill.
  • If you select "YES, I want to set up my payments" your 1st and 2nd installment payments will be AUTOMATICALLY deducted from your bank account/credit card.
  • There is not a payment plan available for summer semesters
  • Once you have paid, the system will enter a code in the computer to hold your classes and validate your registration. Stay online until you are given a CONFIRMATION NUMBER. Write down this number and the date. This is your proof and verification that you have successfully completed the confirmation process.
  • The next time you log into your account to view your charges and payment for the term, the system will say "Your Schedule is Confirmed." You will not see the "Yes, I will attend" option if your attendance has been confirmed.