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How do I set up an electronic refund profile? 

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Releasing Financial Aid Funds

Pellissippi State releases financial aid funds one of two ways:*

  1. Receive an Electronic Deposit. 
    - Create a refund profile and have the funds deposited electronically to your checking or savings account. (Please see steps below on how to setup your electronic refund profile). Note: Electronic refunds are usually processed first.
  2. Receive a check in the mail.
    - Please verify that the college has your correct MAILING address, because having outdated mailing information may increase the time it takes to receive your check.

Pellissippi State no longer releases financial aid checks at the Cashier's window. If you do not set up a Refund Profile, your check will be mailed to your MAILING address on file.

Steps to Setup Electronic Refund Profile

Step 1:

Log into your myPellissippi account

Step 2:

Look in the Your Account box

Step 3:

Select Direct Deposit/Payments for Previous Terms

Step 4:

Select Continue (if prompted for your University ID and PIN, your session has timed out. Please completely exit the internet browser and start the process over)

Step 5:

Select the eRefunds tab

Step 6:

Select the Set up Account button

Step 7:

Fill out Bank Account Information

Step 8:

Select Continue

Step 9:

Read agreement & click on the box beside I Agree

Step 10:

Select Continue



  • Pellissippi State will never take money from your account unless you authorize a payment to the college.
  • In order to protect your financial information, Pellissippi State does not have access to set up or view your electronic refund profile.
  • Set up your refund profile immediately to assure your funds will be deposited electronically.
  • To receive your financial aid funds the following criteria must be met:
    1. You must be registered and have satisfactory academic progress by attending classes
    2. Your financial aid must actually be credited to your student account (not a memo/authorized entry)
    3. You must not have any financial aid holds
    4. Your account balance must be a credit balance
    5. If this is your first loan, you must complete the entrance interview
  • Dropping hours could affect your eligible award amount and cause a delay in processing your refund.
  • *Also please note, that if a credit card payment(s) was made for your tuition and fees, the credit card may be refunded up to the amount of the payment.  Any additional refund due would be issued as stated above.